2020-2021 Curling Season COVID Protocols

View the protocols for this upcoming season to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 among our members.

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*State of Minnesota COVID-19 prevention mandates will be followed for this event. Visit our Leagues page to see our club COVID protocols that have been made in accordance with CDC and USA Curling recommendations.

Curling Minnesota: Bemidji

Explore the history and tradition of this unique sport in northern Minnesota and the impact it has had on the Bemidji area. Through interviews with local curling enthusiasts, from past Olympic competitors to families who have embraced the sport as a valued tradition throughout generations, we’ll gain insight into why Bemidji has been referred to as the “Curling Capital of the United States”.

What Is Curling?

Here is a video from our friends at Curling Canada. A comprehensive (and lighthearted) guide on the sport of curling. How it’s played, scored, won and why curlers yell so much!

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