The Bemidji Curling Club has provided the region with a quality curling facility for over 87 years, and over 55 years at its current location. Over that time span, many things have changed, but one thing has remained constant… the club has provided the region with a high-quality curling facility. Now we need your help to replace the ice plant and to perform much-needed maintenance to the facility. This will allow the club to continue to provide the region with a high-quality curling facility for many years to come.

For the success of CONTINUING A LEGACY, we’ll need the help of ALL our supporters.

Now is the time for everyone to step up and make a generous gift in support of this campaign. Your individual gifts will be matched dollar to dollar! The George W. Neilson Foundation is providing a matching grant for all contributions up to $75,000. Gifts of all sizes are welcome!

More Information...

For more information, click on our brochure image to download a pdf file with all the details. Feel free to print it out or share it with anyone. Help us spread the word!