How many times can a person say thank you, without diluting the heartfelt meaning of thank you? Where does one go for the words to express “thank you”, after having exhausted its use? I wish I had that answer.

The Bemidji Curling Club’s Mixed Doubles Nationals event, from feedback received by many people, was an enormous success. But this is not a surprise to me, since I am fully aware of the quality committee members and leaders that were involved. When you have a team like that, well, that is when magic happens.

There is no exact count of the number of folks who helped make this event what it was. I am guessing we had in the neighborhood of 50 people. Considering we are a small club, that is a remarkable number, and I would not be surprised if there were more than 50.

But again, is “thank you” disposable? Does it become a cliché of sorts? What do I say to everyone, if thank you is not sufficient?

I say this. My respect for you as a loving and caring person, willing to share life’s precious time with us, for a significant purpose, has touched me very deeply. I shall remember each name and each face, and I will give back where I can, when I can. It has been an incredible honor to serve beside you, and in the end, to raise each other’s hands in victory.

That is what I mean when I say, THANK YOU!!