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As of this morning, both the Legion and the Lumberjack Bonspiels have been officially canceled. Also, the Baseball fundraiser has canceled. Following these decisions, the Bemidji Curling Club Board is canceling all leagues, in parallel with the School District shutdowns Wednesday. So, league curling will continue through tomorrow but will end Wednesday morning. This will allow you time to clean out lockers as needed.

The prognosis is that this will continue through the end of our normal season. Full refunds will be issued to anyone having already paid for their canceled Bonspiel dues. Those who have reserved the ice for these events will not be held responsible for any payments to the club.

There is one exception. The Lyle Derosier Bartender’s Bonspiel has shown the desire to go ahead with their bonspiel this coming Sunday. We have willing bartenders and willing ice makers who will also attend and support that group. This is their bonspiel, and their decision to continue. They are eager to participate so we will allow this.

Our club has no known Covid-19 illness reports. This closure is in conjunction with the social distancing and best practices outlined by the Governor of Minnesota in his state of emergency proclamation. In addition, this afternoon the announcement from the President was even much more restrictive than just days ago.

The safety and health of our club members and visitors is of utmost importance. There are many Physicians and leaders who are much closer to this problem than we are, and many are alarmed by it. We must take heed.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience

Kirby Bahr/President Bemidji Curling Club

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In a pro-active move due to the nation-wide concern over the Coronavirus / COVID-19 outbreak, the Bemidji Curling Club Board has released this statement. We will update as we learn more about this pandemic.

For now, here are a few things to know:

- Pre and post-game handshakes are suspended until further notice. We hope everyone understands this. A simple elbow bump or head nod will suffice.

- We are taking steps to disinfect rock handles and club broom handles as often as we can. There will be towels and disinfectant available on the shelves on the home end of each sheet by Tuesday of this coming week.

- We are stepping up cleaning / disinfecting activities in bathroom and locker room areas across the facility.

Per recommendation:
- If you feel ill, please stay home.
- Wash your hands often.

We are monitoring the situation and don't plan any cancelations of leagues or events at the moment. (league chairs may make their own decisions). We will be following guidance from the City, State, and National officials as things move forward.

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How many times can a person say thank you, without diluting the heartfelt meaning of thank you? Where does one go for the words to express “thank you”, after having exhausted its use? I wish I had that answer.
The Bemidji Curling Club’s Mixed Doubles Nationals event, from feedback received by many people, was an enormous success. But this is not a surprise to me, since I am fully aware of the quality committee members and leaders that were involved. When you have a team like that, well, that is when magic happens.
There is no exact count of the number of folks who helped make this event what it was. I am guessing we had in the neighborhood of 50 people. Considering we are a small club, that is a remarkable number, and I would not be surprised if there were more than 50.
But again, is “thank you” disposable? Does it become a cliché of sorts? What do I say to everyone, if thank you is not sufficient?
I say this. My respect for you as a loving and caring person, willing to share life’s precious time with us, for a significant purpose, has touched me very deeply. I shall remember each name and each face, and I will give back where I can, when I can. It has been an incredible honor to serve beside you, and in the end, to raise each other’s hands in victory. That is what I mean when I say, THANK YOU!! Kirby

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